Construction Hoist

Our hoists’ load are including: 1t, 2*1t, 2t, 2*2t, also have several speed to choose, including:

Normal speed: 33m/min.

Frequency type: 0~40m/min, 0~46m/min, 0~63m/min, 0~80m/min, 0~96m/min, 0~100m/min.

The hoists are adopting below high technology to confirm the high quality

1. Anti-corrosion: Plastic spraying surface treatment, better anti-corrosion feature and better performance.

2. Use steel material that purchase directly from big steel factory like Baosteel, Wisco, etc.

3. Use robot welding system to confirm the welding quality.

4. Use Schneider contactor and Schneider Invertor to confirm the electrical parts quality.

5. Test before leaving factory to confirm the smooth operation.


SC100 Construction Hoist        SC100/100 Construction Hoist          SC200 Construction Hoist           SC200/200 Construction Hoist

(Single Cage, 1t)                              (Double Cage, 2*1t)                           (Single Cage, 2t)                         (Double Cage, 2*2t)